Match result

MOB Season 14, Playoffs Semi-Finals
Elven Union logo
no custom badge
Parhilion Pathfinders

gate: 23 000
3 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
The Skull Krackers


Bellas Pacaryn
Ivasaar Xilqen
Aymer Umebella
TD Scorers
Gat Burlyhand
Big John
Foulers (no cas)
Sent off
Badly Hurt'ers
Grom Fatfist
Grom Fatfist

Mulush Flamehand

Ivasaar Xilqen
Galather Venharice
Ivasaar Xilqen
Intevar Uriran
Completions by
Dak Flashtosser
Dak Flashtosser
Dak Flashtosser
TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Gru B'Reezy
Deflections by

Ciradyl Yelharice
MVP awards to
Gronga Wonga
Sustained Injuries

victim healed by apoth
-1 ST
Result added November 17th, 2020

Match notes
Skull Krackers were able to maintain residence of luxury stadium.

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